The Top 3 Places You’ve Got To Visit In Maine


We’ve officially hit all 4 corners of the U.S–California, Washington, Key West, and finally…Maine. It still amazes me how many different climates and landscapes the US offers. From the California Desert, the Pacific Northwest mountains, the crystal clear beaches in Key West to the Appalachian highlands of Maine.

Mo and I have both visited California and Florida in the past and went to Washington pretty quick into our trip so the thought of reaching Maine was always an exciting adventure to look forward to. I shared a lengthy Instagram on how Maine had been on my list since I was young and how ‘eating lobster in Maine’ has been a bucket list item that I was eager to check off on this trip.

Maine is such a magical place, I noticed myself frequently taking long exhales…ahh…I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a yoga class, but when the instructor tells you to inhale, and then let a deep exhale out….that’s what I kept feeling when we were in Maine. total zen.

everywhere we went it smelt like a campfire and Christmas trees, the air was misty..its everything I ever dreamed it would and more. Maine is a surprisingly BIG state and there is so much to see so I’m going to share my top 3 must-see towns.

Portland, Maine

This was our first look at Maine, it was May and we were in our biggest down jackets and long underwear. The city sits on a peninsula which is why it’s so cold, I really can’t believe people survive the winters here! Despite it being super cold, Portland is the hub for all things hip in Maine–it’s a foodie’s paradise and definitely has the most nightlife out of all the places we went to in Maine. You may be put on a 5-hour waiting list at Eventide Oyster Co. but I promise it’ll be worth the wait, we went and had a beer at a local brewery as we waited for our table to be ready. If you go, make sure to check out the cute shops on the cobble stoned streets throughout the city.

(I really didn’t take enough photos of Portland)



wow wow wow… This place is everything you think about when you think of Maine. misty air, the sound of boats coming into the harbor, beautiful homes, and super fresh lobster. We started realizing that the best places to get lobster rolls were at the “no frill” places. We found Mount Battie Take Out and Ice Cream had the best reviews on Yelp. We actually drove right past it on our way back from the Camden Hills State Park(a must see). Just because it has no frills doesn’t it mean it’s not local or completely fresh. The owner was so kind and even hooked us up with some free fried clams. SO good. Since its only take out, we picked up our food and headed back to the state park to eat our lobster rolls with a view. I promise, we did more in Maine than just eat lobster 🙂 We loved hiking in Camden Hills State Park, and checking out all the shops in town.



Bar Harbor,Maine

If you’re going to Maine and don’t have a car to travel around I would highly suggest just going to Bar Harbor. Bar Harbor is located on  Mt Dessert Island and is bordering  Acadia National Park. Again, for another  lobster roll recomendation, I suggest another no frills place called C-Rays Lobster, it’s on your way in but they’re said to have the best lobster roll in all of Maine, and I would agree. Maine is also known for wild blueberries and are famous for their pies so of course, we had to pick one up 🙂

For as much as we ate in Maine, we had to work it off somehow —We explored just about every inch of Acadia National Park. Some of their lakes, which are so clean they actually provide drinking water for the towns bordering the park, they have specific lakes that you can paddle board in, which of course we took full advantage of, then one of my favorite parts– the Rockefeller family actually donated a bunch of the land and the property is full of “carriage roads” that you can ride your bikes on to get more ground work on the park. We even enjoyed just driving through to check out the coastline with the big rocks, it reminded me of times in Big Sur.


Maine was so magical and I can’t wait to go back in the future. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more.