The Maintenance of a Traveling Blonde


Now I can’t tell you how to fix your roots because mine are about 2 inches thick at the moment, right now I’m referring to hats, ball caps, beanies and my “cowgirl” hat. Luckily I had enough connections on the West Coast and was able to find a referral to a good colorist but I’ve been in a hair desert in the Northeast, and now my roots are suffering.

When I actually do see a hair stylist they, for the most part, are surprised on how “healthy” my hair is considering how much coloring I’ve done. I honestly don’t even know the real color of my hair. (don’t tell anyone this, but I honestly think I’m a red-head, not the good red though ) I’m so put off by my red tones that I’ve completely abandoned all warm tones and have gone to the coolest bit of blonde AKA GRAY.

–Funny story–When my sister was having a baby in March the lady at the check in at the hospital said “Aw, honey, your hair is beautiful, never color it!’ she felt bad because I’m young and have gray hair and she thought it was natural. HA!

ANYWAYS, maintenance, whether your blonde, highlighted, ombre, biylaged (or whatever you call it) basically any treated hair, this may find you helpful.

Braid Your Hair

I usually shower at the end of the day and don’t have a blow dryer so in order to keep it from being totally crazy in the morning I braid it, even if I don’t shower, it helps with the crazy dreadlock that likes to appear at the nape of my neck.

Lay Off The Heat

most of the hair stylist I see credit my “not as unhealthy as you’d think” hair is laying off the heat. With my power source being from our solar panels, a hair dryer would drain that sucker real quick, and LUCKILY I have hair that air drys nicely. I’m aware that’s not for everyone but, try different products and ask your hair stylist what’s best for your texture/style. I’m a firm believer that natural is not only easier but is better! let your natural flag fly(says the girl with colored hair, oops)! I love a girl with a big poofy head of curls.



I actually worked at the Paul Mitchell School in Dallas for a short time but learned a lot about how your personal chemical makeup can affect how a product works on your hair, like coconut oil works for most people, but does terrible things to my locks. I’m not a professional or hair stylist, but after coloring my hair for than half of my life I’ve figured out what works for me.

I’ve tried just about everything from eggs, lemons, inexpensive-expensive, and every hair trend in between.

Here’s what I’ve found(all the products can be shopped below)


Your basic Purple shampoo to keep my cool blonde from going yellow. I shampoo MAYBE once a week if that. Oops, not sure if that’s appropriate or not but my hair will dry right out if I do it any more than that.


I’ve used SOOOO many conditioners, I have to brush my hair with conditioner in it which is the only way to get those little dreadlocks out. I stick with a deep conditioner from Davines, it’s a little expensive but gives me all the moisture I need and actually lasts a lot longer than it looks.


I started using this stuff when I worked at Paul Mitchell and not only does it smell so good it’s by far the best hair oil I’ve used. I put a few pumps in my palm and work it through my wet hair after the shower.


No matter how much moisture I put into my hair, it still rats up so a detangler is a must and Marrakesh works and smells like a dream. (I Use the argon/hemp scent)

Dry Shampoo

Obviously, with traveling, I’m not showering near as much as I used to (sorry mom) so a dry shampoo is crucial. I’m a big fan of R+Co Death Valley.

Like I said, I’m no professional, but after so much color and travel, I’ve figured out what works best for me and I hope it works for you as well! I’d also love to hear some things that you’ve found works best for you!

Happy Trails,


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