The Weekenders Guide to D.C

Our time in D.C was definitely a trip for the books! We loved every bit of this beautiful place so, I made a weekenders guide on how we survived and thrived in this town despite the obstacles of a dog and van 🙂


Parking and getting around is the first thing I start thinking about before traveling into a highly populated area. Traveling with a large vehicle and dog create a little extra work, usually only causing us trouble in urban areas.  We’re tall and long– meaning parking garages won’t work, We need something over 12 feet tall, spots that are shaded and safe for Olive(our dog) to stay in for a few hours at a time. I figured out a solution! Spot Hero, It’s a parking app that shows you pictures of lots and garages and lets you book the spots over the app. We were able to find a lot with cameras as security 2 miles from the capital for $12 a day!

Obviously, this picture wasn’t took anywhere near D.C, I just wanted to show a scale on how huge of a rig we’re working with.

Drinks & Nightlife

The first evening we went to Off The Record which is a small speakeasy bar for the Political Elite located in the Hay-Adams Hotel. It’s a dark candle lit bar/restaurant that’s located right across the lawn from the White House. You may see a familiar face while sipping on your pricey yet generously poured cocktail and complimentary warmed cashews. The detail was impeccable from the red velvet chairs to the silly political caricature coasters.
For the next stop, we checked out the POV rooftop bar of the W Washington Hotel, it brought a younger and more trendy scene with a perfect view of the sun setting over the White House.


We got the sliders as a snack at Off The Record which came with Sir Kensington’s (my fav) condiments on the side, it was the perfect amount to keep us going throughout the night.
The perfect lunch was at Panas Gourmet I wish I had a picture to share because it was amazing, we just ate too fast 🙂 , if you’re in the Dupont neighborhood stop here and make sure to get the cookie, seriously I could have died in that moment it was so good.
We were really in a “treat yo self” attitude after our 3 bottles of champagne and indulged into some Pizzeria Paradiso. It was right around the corner from our hotel, and we ate every piece.
For breakfast, we went down to our very own Hotel lobby for a veggie breakfast burrito at the Station Kitchen & Cocktails.
D.C offers a ton of great food options and variety, seriously you could spend years here and still not try it all. I did a terrible job at documenting everything we ate via pictures, but believe me, it was all delicious!


We ended up getting a hotel because Mo was needing to finish a work project– and instead of going back and forth to the van to check on olive, and for the wifi hook up, we cashed in on a deal a the Embassy Row Hotel.  The staff was beyond helpful with valeting the van overnight, and the hotel has pet-friendly rooms without an additional charge! After Mo finished up his big project( he’s been working on for 2 years) we finally got to kick back, relax and celebrate. We went to the liquor store around the corner for a bottle of champagne, actually twice because we didn’t get enough the first time 🙂 We enjoyed the rooftop pool at sunset and being able to veg in front of a TV for a bit.  I may or may not have showered 3 times in less than 24 hours. We’ll definitely come back here in the future. 

Check out the cute old guy playing backgammon in front of the liqour store.

Museums and Attractions:

We got to leave the van and olive at the hotel to check out all that D.C. had to offer. We rode bikes around the trails passing through the Lincoln Memorial, National Monument, MLK Memorial, we took a nap on the capital lawn and rode through Georgetown.
**travel advice:  you can take the city bikes around town and if you get to the next bike stand within 30 minutes, its free! which works because those bike stands are everywhere!**
 Most museums are free in DC! Meaning you could spend months just exploring half of them. we definitely missed some big ones but enjoyed checking out:
Smithsonian: Air and Space
Smithsonian: American Art
Smithsonian: American history
Smithsonian: Hirshhorn
Smithsonian: Natural History
Smithsonian: Castle and Gardens
One of the main reasons we planned a trip to DC was to finally see our favorite band and D.C. natives: Thievery Corporation. We’ve actually had tickets to see them twice in the past but something crazy has come up both times and we’ve had to miss. It was totally worth the wait though, We got to see them play at the Kennedy Center with an orchestra! MAJ GOOSEBUMPS the whole time!
If you’re planning a trip to DC I totally recommend checking out the Kennedy Centers’ Calendar,  it’s a great venue and every seat has a view!
D.C. is up there on my list of coolest cities I’ve been to– it brought us, culture, history, nice people, and complete R&R, I can’t wait to go back.
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